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Who will win the 2023 World Cup? 1xBet evaluates the odds of the most favorite teams.

This World Cup is a tournament like no other in football history. Firstly, the timing of the tournament is not unusual: Due to the high temperatures of the summer season, the tournament in Qatar will start on November 20. That’s why many football leagues had to take a forced break because of the World Cup.

That’s not all: Qatari authorities have set unprecedented strict rules for fans who want to watch the championship on the ground. Consumption of alcoholic beverages is prohibited. Men are not allowed to wear short shorts, sleeveless t-shirts or even V-neck t-shirts, even when the air temperature averages 30 degrees. In addition, women are required to wear skirts of sufficient length, as well as tops that cover the shoulders, neck and elbows. It is forbidden to take pictures of official government buildings, it is forbidden to peep at the local people of Qatar, Arabic tea should only be drunk with the right hand, this list goes on and on…

How will these bans affect the forms of the players and the mood of the spectators? Which coaches will be able to adapt more easily to this extraordinary calendar? Will the players themselves be able to cope with these extreme temperatures? We will find out the answers to all of these questions soon. There are some teams that can overcome this climate, and returning home before the quarterfinals could be a huge disappointment for the fans of the teams.

You can read the 1xBet odds of the strongest national teams of the tournament and the special analysis of their hopes other than their skin tanning.

Portugal – 13.00

This team is rich in offensive players. Fernando Santos; He might prefer Milan’s striker Rafael Leao, Atletico Madrid’s Jeao Felix, Manchester City’s playmaker Bernardo Silva and Manchester United midfielder Bruno Fernandes. In defense, Manchester City’s indispensable players Ruben Dias and Jeao Cancelo and experienced player Pepe can play.

There is also Cristiano Ronaldo, who did not play very brightly in the new season, but was awarded the Ballon d’Or 5 times. Lately he usually starts the game as a substitute or is not in the squad. But will the legendary player, who will be playing the final World Cup tournament, spare his energy? If Portugal coach Fernando Santos can use the potential of the veteran, he can succeed, even without the injured Diogo Jata.

Netherlands – 13.00

The Oranges are looking for success after the return of famous coach Louis Van Gaal, who finished third at the 2014 World Cup. There were still some doubts in mind for the famous coach, who brought the offensive approach to the national team again. However, this understanding was registered with a 6-1 victory against Turkey, where they played for the leadership in the qualifying matches. In addition, in 2023, they managed to win 2 times against Belgium, which was placed at the top of the FIFA ranking.

When it comes to the national team, offensive players Memphis Depay and Frankie de Jong forget that they don’t consistently start in the starting line-up at Barcelona. Virgil van Dijk and Matthijs de Ligt are the best defensive couple at the national team level, and Inter player Stefan de Vries is also included in this rivalry. However, Van Gaal has used these 3 central defenders more than once and they could be the star defense line of the tournament. Had Georginio Wijnaldum not been injured in the summer, their chances might have been a little higher. Despite this, the Netherlands is ready to surprise.

Belgium – 12.00

If the tournament had been played 2 years ago, bookies and fans could have expected much more from the Belgians. The performance of the team, which was eliminated in the quarter-finals of the European Championship, was not very impressive considering the Nations League matches. Additionally, the Belgians had lost the European Championship and the Nations League to the champion team. The players somehow failed to gain extra motivation.

The World Cup is a different story. Courtois, Romelu Lukaku and Kevin de Bruyne will do their best. It is not yet certain which players will take the field: Courtois has barely recovered, Lukaku has some muscle problems and it is not clear whether he will play. Without Romelu, Belgium will be on a different team and they may need a miracle to get to the top.

Many stars of Belgium’s “golden” football generation, the players who wore bronze medals at the 2018 World Cup, will be on the pitch. A team of very experienced players – football chemistry can be very decisive when such tournaments happen.

Germany – 10.00

The team, which became the world champion in 2014, experienced a great nightmare by not being able to get out of the groups at the 2018 World Cup. On top of this disappointment, when their elimination in the last 8 of Euro 2020 was added, it became clear that the team needed a restructuring. But the problem wasn’t the age of the players – the change needed was the necessity of changing the mentality of football.

Joachim Löw left his post in the summer of 2021 and Hansi Flick became the new coach. The Germans are playing more lively now. Their solid game tactics are over, but their defeat to Hungary in the Nations League was the signal. In the rest of the summer and most of the matches they played in the Autumn season, they had a draw, their only win was against Italy.

While Kimmich, Sane and Gnabry playing for Bayern are in good form, experienced players such as Neuer and Müller also seem energetic. Also, the potential contributions of young players such as Havertz, Musiala and Adeyemi should never be overlooked. The real issue is whether the Germans have problems against strong teams and whether Flick can solve these problems in just a few weeks.

Spain – 8.60

Luis Enrique managed to assemble the only team that could truly beat Italy in the Euro 2020 finals – but his prudence was tied in the penalty shootout. But more importantly, these Spaniards were young and talented enough to be in control of the ball for 90 minutes. Luis Enrique’s tactic was the idea that “as long as we have control of the ball, the opponent cannot score”.

So far this tactic has paid off: In the Nations League, the team finished their group as the leader. However, they did not play very easy matches in this tournament: Yellow Reds lost against Switzerland and they managed to win with the dedication of their goalkeepers in the tough match they played against Portugal.

The current squad doesn’t need an element of overly ego drama, which is why Sergio Ramos was removed from both the European Championship and the Qatar World Cup squad. According to the coach who inspired the Champions League title like Messi, Neymar, Suarez, the doors of the national team are always open for players who are willing to learn. Pedri, Gavi, Ferran Torres, Unai Simon – these guys have been playing for the national team for a long time, you know.

England – 7.60

The two teams share the third place. Let’s start with the British because only the England National Team is full of problems right now. In the UEFA Nations League, the team finished last in the group behind the Germans, Italians and even Hungarians. Even a single win in six games is a bleak warning sign. A real World Cup top 4 contender team should play much better.

James is certain to miss the tournament due to his injury, Walker and Phillips’ status is questionable. Sancho, Shaw, Henderson and ManU centre-back Harry Maguire are not doing their best. Also, Grealish gets very little playing time at Manchester City. But even with all this in mind, the potential of English football is so great that one wants to believe in this team.

Argentina – 7.60

Lionel Scaloni was not a big football star. He was a tough player who had his best years at Spanish Deportivo, made seven appearances for the national team and made his way to the 2006 World Cup. However, he can go down in history as the coach of the team that will win the World Cup this year.

Scaloni’s path crossed with a young Messi at the 2006 World Cup. The coach may have helped bring this superstar into the national team’s game. Messi, the leader and star of this team, shines while others do the heavy lifting. In the past 1.5 years, Argentina won their first South American title since 1993 and defeated Italy in Finalissima. Perhaps this World Cup will be his last victory.

France – 6.55

The defending champions, France, should be among the favorites of the tournament. In terms of potential squad depth, France was in good enough shape to give their opponents an advance. However, before the tournament, France lacked Kante and nearly lost Pogba as well. The center of the midfield was built around these two, Paul even trained in defense for the national team. Add to that the lackluster form of striker Antoine Griezmann and…

Retaining the title depends on Deschamps’ ability to create a different style of play than he did 4 years ago. After all, there are many new star players. Camavanga and Tchouameni, who played together in Real Madrid, were in the midfield, while Gendouzi came to the fore in Marseille. On offense, Nkunku, the best Bundesliga player of the last season, and Dembele, the best assist player in La Liga, are ready to play. Let’s not forget that the recent Ballon d’Or winner Karim Benzema will lead France’s offensive force. If France fails, the only thing they can blame is Deschamps.

Brazil – 5.00

To pick superstars – Alisson and Ederson. At the center of the defense are Thiago Silva, Militao and Marquinhos. In the middle of the pitch will be hardworking Fabinho and Casemiro, and creative Paqueta and Fred. Finally, the offensive line consisting of Neymar, Vinicius, Rodrigo, Martinelli and Antoni. Yes, the defensive wings are drooping a bit – Dani Alves, Danilo and Alex Telles’ best years are in the past – but despite that, the Brazilians look incredibly impressive.

Even more impressive is Tite’s call of national team players into an almost club-like union. The coach has been working with them for years despite the 2018 World Cup fiasco. Any other coach would have been underestimated for being eliminated in the quarterfinals, but in the case of Tite, Brazilian football authorities appreciated the team’s level of play and won the Copa America within 1 year. They have not won a World Cup since 2002. Could it be time to win for the sixth time? So who will win the 2023 World Cup?

Who will win the 2023 World Cup? You can answer questions such as and more by placing a bet at 1xBet . Choose your favorite teams and win your money on the football peak with the reliable bookmaker!

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